CHIC NYC achieves Platinum Status with American Express

CHIC NYC Runway achieves platinum status with the famous American Express. American Express and Mercedes Benz sponsors most runway events across the globe.

CHIC NYC Runway has been awarded the fastest growing online brand in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 by shopify, along with being featured in Go River Walk for its financial status in the market place and awards for its fast growth. In addition they have been featured by TV Host, Celebrities, Online Influencers, Runway Shows & various press outlets. 

This past Fall 2018, CHIC NYC achieved another mile stone, achieving a platinum status with American Express. Not only is the brand completely debt free, but now holds a very reputable value within the financial markets. The corporation has maintained its reputation, as well as its debt free status by not allowing investors or middle men to play a role in their business. The company owns its own offices, stores, along with its very own manufacturing firm. This allows no outside resources or opinions to play a role in their decision making, keeping the company debt free and ran in a way that benefits its employees and customers.

Congratulations to CHIC NYC Runway. Another milestone granted.

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